Our assortment

China, Thailand, Vietnam and The Netherlands

It won’t be easy to find an address in Europe where you can buy real fresh authentic Asian fruit and vegetables. At East4Fresh you are at the right address. We fly your order direct from our nurseries in China, all packed in cold boxes to guarantee best quality and freshness.

We only work with certified (HACCP and Global Gap) Asian partners, who understand and
work according to the most strict and severe quality regulations in order to guarantee food safety throughout the whole supply chain.

We can offer you a complete assortment of fruit and vegetables from China, Thailand and Vietnam and the Netherlands. Almost daily we receive fresh products from our growers and re-shipped next day after a thorough quality inspection by our qualified staff. All to ensure a consistent high quality.

Of course, we can also pack all our products in packages of all possible quantities, like 100, 200, 500 or 1000 grams. All our packs contains a barcode to save you time and help you optimizing your supply chain.

Everything is possible. Reasons for choosing East4Fresh: We can find it, ánd deliver!

We have our own production area, we grow 12 month a year Asian vegetables.
We are able to make special price arrangements for a period of time.



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